Use as a portable, tabletop PET scanner or for simultaneous PET/MRI

Smaller is Better

World’s smallest PET scanner can retrofit almost any small animal MRI

The Mini-PET is a highly compact Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner that is so small and portable that it can be operated on the top of a lab bench and is mobile enough to be moved from station to station within the laboratory. It can also operate inside of a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner without distorting the MRI image. It can be retrofitted into existing MRI instruments..


  • Simultaneous PET/MRI can provide a valuable, high-resolution alternative to PET/CT, offering excellent soft-tissue contrast and anatomical detail with a reduced radiation load
  • Mini-PET will allow the simultaneous acquisition of both high-resolution anatomical data (MRI) and in vivo quantitative physiological data (PET)
  • The ability to acquire both of these data sets simultaneously can provide perfect co-registration of the two images, an increasingly important factor in the diagnosis of disease
  • PET/MRI may eventually supplant PET/CT as the modality of choice in many clinical and pre-clinical care paths

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Mini-PET in Focus: Specifications

The Mini-PET’s blocks are mounted on a multi-layer combined flexible/rigid printed circuit configured as a ring and contained within an annular enclosure. The device can be configured to comprise two rings, doubling the total number of detector elements with a corresponding increase in the axial field of view.

The Model M12 Detector ring is comprised of 12 detector blocks arranged at a common radius The Model M24 Detector ring is comprised of 24 detector blocks arranged at a common radius.


Each detector consists of:

  • 32 pieces LYSO scintillator (2.3 mm x 2.3mm x 8mm each in 48 array)
  • One 32-element Avalanche Photo Diode array directly coupled to individual scintillators
  • One 32 channel ASIC chip for signal conversion


  • Model M12:Inner diameter 44 mm, Outer diameter 82mm, axial length 25mm (Double ring 50mm)
  • Model M24:Inner diameter 85mm, Outer diameter 155mm, axial length 26 mm (Double ring 50mm)


The cost-efficient and adaptable Mini-PET will be invaluable in the fields of pharmaceutical development and infectious disease research.


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