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Creating new Opportunities in PET & MRI Imaging.

SynchroPET brings unattainable insight to the forefront of research and patient care.

• Shortens drug discovery time
• Very compact and versatile
• Opens new avenues of investigation within the laboratory
• Provides quantitative PET Images

SynchroPET is a biotechnology innovator, advancing research and clinical assessment with technology that has the potential to shorten drug discovery times, make pre-clinical imaging more versatile, effective and affordable, and greatly improve diagnostic capabilities in clinical imaging.

Based on technology developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory, SynchroPET’s patented imaging products are designed to offer future researchers versatility within the laboratory and the potential for improved clinical assessment with quantitative functional imaging.


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SynchroPET devices are currently only for
research purposes only and have not yet been
evaluated by the FDA

Arterial PET Scanner

A quantitative tool for accelerating chemotherapy assessment

An alternative to the Standard Uptake Value (SUV), the Arterial Scanner provides the ability to do quantitative disease or neurological assessments without the need for an arterial catheter. It has the potential to save thousands of lives by making assessments of therapy much more reliable.

Potential Applications: Accelerate Drug & Radiopharmaceutical Discovery — Quantitative PET in a clinical setting without the use of arterial blood sampling


Use for simultaneous PET/MRI or as a portable PET scanner

Miniaturized PET scanning technology that can be merged with most MRI systems for simultaneous MRI/PET. Its compact size also lets it be moved from station to station within the laboratory.

Potential Applications: Pharmaceutical Development — Infectious Disease Research


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