Innovation in PET Imaging


World's Smallest PET Scanner

Lab-Top Adaptable

Pre-clinical MRI/PET

Real Time Neuronal Imaging

Quantitative Clinical PET

Functional Plant Imaging



Can be integrated into virtually every pre-clinical MRI!

Rat Cap


Non-invasive neuronal imaging on a freely moving, fully awake animal!

Arterial PET Scanner


Monitors Uptake (currently being tested for investigative purposes)



Small Animal PET

SynchoPET Innovation

SynchroPET manufactures the smallest and most adaptable PET (Positron Emission Tomography) devices in the world.

Our patented platform technology unlocks enormous potential for researchers:

  • Simultaneous PET/MRI imaging on small animals and humans
  • Awake small animal neuronal PET
  • Non-invasive quantitative input function for traditional clinical PET scanners (in