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The smallest and most adaptable PET devices in the world.


Cost-efficient and adaptable technology that will be invaluable to research.


Non-invasive scanners provide simultaneous functional and structural imaging.

SynchroPET: Revolutionizing PET Imaging

SynchroPET is a biotechnology innovator advancing research and clinical assessment utilizing Positron Emission Technology (PET). SynchroPET’s technology was developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory, revolutionizing PET Scanners to offer researchers mobility within the laboratory and the potential for instantaneous clinical assessment with combined functional and anatomical imaging. These advances will accelerate the creation of new pharmaceuticals to treat cancer, Alzheimer and Parkinson’s diseases, as well  as provide superior imaging technology to make all PET scans more quantitative.

Our History

Founded by CEO, Marc Alessi, SynchroPET was launched in 2014 after licensing patents from Brookhaven National Laboratory on a revolutionary new way to build PET Scan devices.

Our Mission

Committed to advancing medical research and clinical assessments through SynchroPET’s platform technology that miniaturizes PET devices and enables simultaneous use with existing MRI devices.

Our Vision

Lead the industry in small animal laboratory in-vivo experiments, shortening normally protracted drug discovery time. Using the same technology, significantly improve the accuracy of PET scans on patients.

Our Team

The people behind a company are as important as the company itself. With a passion for advancing technology to better humanity, the SynchroPET team is comprised of leaders in the fields of technology, healthcare, medical devices and engineering.

Marc Alessi


Yegor Sinelnikov

Research and Development

Bob Gross

Board of Advisors

Tom Mariner


Burke Liburt

Board of Advisors

David Schlyer, Ph.D.

Board of Advisors

Alex Conticello

Mechanical Engineer

Louis Pollenz

BioMedical Engineer

Harvey Bronfman

Board of Advisors

Kevin Hesselbirg

Board of Advisors


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