See us at Booth # 1106 for a demonstration of SynchroPET technology, including our min-PET, PET Insert (MRI/PET) and the RATCAP (imaging of an awake freely moving animal)!

 Join us at SNMMI, Booth # 201

SynchroPET – The Next Generation of PET

SynchroPET is a biomedical device manufacturer with groundbreaking technology in the radiological PET Scanner field.  The technology was developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Our patented technology enables us to build the smallest, lightest PET Scanners in the world which unlock enormous potential for researchers:

1.) Awake small animal neuronal PET

2.) Simultaneous PET/MRI imaging on small animals and humans

3.) Non invasive quantitative input function for traditional PET scanners.

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